I am a graphic designer living and working in Seattle, WA.
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2015 - Current: Senior Graphic Designer - Tactile


2014 - Current: Freelance Poster Design for STG Presents

Designing and printing various screen-prints for the Seattle Theater Group, including events at The Moore / The Paramount / The Neptune and Seattle Rock Orchestra.


2012 - 2016: Freelance Poster Design for Neumos

Designing numerous posters for bands and musical acts performing at Neumos in Seattle, WA.


2008 - 2015: Senior Graphic Designer - Zumiez Marketing

Senior graphic designer for the in-house marketing department at the Zumiez home office, creating signage and promotional materials for their 500+ nation-wide stores. Duties included working with other members of the marketing team to see a project through from the brainstorm phase to completion.  Projects varied from multi-level promotions with partner brands, in-store autograph signings, contest, and special events.  Also worked on the yearly summer "Zumiez Couch Tour", which brought live skateboarding, bands and more to 12 cities across the Us and "100K", a thank you party for the top store salespeople, held yearly in Keystone, CO, and regarded as one of the biggest parties in action sports.


2007: Graphic Designer - Zumiez Private Label

Contracted to work at the Zumiez home office, in their private label clothing department.  While there, work included creating graphics and patterns, through illustration and photo collage, for their men's and women's clothing lines.  Designs would vary based on current trends, and be applied to many products; from t-shirts and hats to jackets and snowboards.  A number of the designs went on to be weekly #1 sellers.


2006 - Current: Freelance Graphic Design

A variety of projects, including album cover illustrations, promotional band posters, flyers, t-shirt illustrations, logos and personal art sales.



Adobe Photoshop CC | Adobe Illustrator CC | Adobe Indesign CC



Illustration | Screen Printing | Stenciling | Painting


• Ghost Gallery: 12th Annual Mini Art Exhibit: Dec. ‘18 - Seattle, WA

• Redhook Brewlab: Capitol Hill Art Walk: Nov. ‘18 - Seattle, WA

• Bluebird Icecream: Capitol Hill Art Walk: Sept. '17 - Seattle, WA

• Lovecitylove: Capitol Hill Block Party 2017
   Poster Show - Seattle, WA

• The Seattle Istanbul Poster Show - Istanbul, Turkey

• V2: Capitol Hill Block Party 2016 Poster Show - Seattle, WA

• The Piranha Shop: Sasquatch! 2016 Poster Show - Seattle, WA

• 3S Artspace: Supertouch - Portsmouth, NH

• Grim's: Capitol Hill Block Party 2015 Poster Show - Seattle, WA

• The Piranha Shop: Sasquatch! 2015 Poster Show - Seattle, WA

• Poster of the Week Show - Seattle, WA

• Porchlight Coffee & Records - Seattle, WA

• Fantasia Coffee - Bellingham, WA

• The SoapBox - Bellingham, WA

• Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress - Bellingham, WA

• The B Gallery - WWU Bellingham, WA



2002 - 2007: Western Washington University

Graduated with a BA in Graphic Design.  Classes included Graphic Design I & II, Typography I & II, Illustration, Design for Web, Publication Design, Design Production, Professional Practices, Screen Printing, and volunteering in the campus art gallery.


2000 - 2002: Skagit Valley College

Running-start classes in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and Macromedia Flash.